Peter returned back to the family farm in 1973 as the eldest of eight brothers and sisters. Amongst other facets of the farm, Peter loves the variation that is involved in a mixed enterprise such as Oxton Park and the challenges that accompany the variations throughout the season.

The constant evolution of technology in agriculture is one factor Peter is most excited about moving into the future. Whether it be to solving existing problems such as weed control or genetic inefficiencies, Peter is constantly seeking more environmentally friendly solutions for Oxton Park to adopt.

“Creating a prosperous farm business that benefits employees and employers alike is a common goal of our management team and is something we pride ourselves on”

Peter O’Connor

This ability to adapt to a changing landscape as well as specialisation across all areas of your business are just some of the key drivers Peter attributes to running a successful family farming business, along with always upholding respect for each team members, opinion and ability.