Returning back to Oxton Park in 1980, Paul places a great emphasis on continued improvement across all areas of the business. With an unparalleled passion for fine non-mulesed Merino Wool production, Paul loves seeing the fruits of the teams labor evolve and grow into sought after end products. 

Among others, Paul believes adopting sustainable farming practices from an economic and environmental perspective will continue to be a positive challenge for the industry. Now, with Oxton Park into its fourth generation, Paul is very optimistic about Oxton Parks ability to continue to satisfy an ever-increasing worldwide demand for good quality lamb and wool.

“I have a lot of confidence that the next generation will be willing and able to grow and improve our unique business.”

Paul O’Connor

Paul attributes the success of the business over the years to both its’ skilled workforce and their ability to make the most of their opportunities, along with tackling challenges as they arise. Over the years Oxton Park has constantly sought out the best advice from a business and agronomic perspective, which Paul believes has continued to benefit all enterprises.