Another second generation farmer, Nigel is a proud Harden local and has been working with Oxton Park since 1989, on a casual basis for a period following school and then commencing full time in 1995. Prior to that, Nigel was a contract manager at Boonara in Peak Hill and a head operator at John Davison earthmoving in Narromine.

Much the same as his brother Greg, Nigel brings a great deal of experience, leadership and family values to the team, always offering to give a hand and putting other before himself. Nigel loves the diverse range of challenges working in agriculture offers everyday, along with opportunity for business that the productive local Harden land has to offer. With every season being different to the next at Oxton Park, Nigel enjoys the variety of work, both inside the workshop and out on the land, but most of all “working in a good team” is what he values the most.

Going forward, Nigel is excited about the continued changes and improvements to Machinery technology and is eager to see how it can be adopted. Working in businesses right around the country, Nigel attests transparent communication as one of the most important factors for a successful farming business and claims the best advice he has received is “self praise is no recommendation”

Having a young family is a full time job in itself so there is not much time for hobbies, but in his spare time Nigel enjoy camping and touring around Australia. Something he hopes to do more of in the future!