John returned back to the farm 1989 after a number of years as a stock and station agent with Elders. John has a deep passion for agriculture and the mechanics behind keeping a family farming business running smoothly. Specialising in the production of top quality lamb and sheep meat, John enjoys the challenge of producing a good quality, highly sought after product that the market wants as efficiently as possible.

With such strong demand for protein internationally, John places great emphasis on how important building good business relationships are to the success of Oxton Park. Looking to the future, John is excited about the continued developments in measurement of meat production along the supply chain and the challenges that come with it. From paddock to plate, John looks forward to continuing to build a brand and market the story of Oxton Park.

“We hang our hat on being good, ethical producers of quality products and we take a lot of pride in what we do. A win isn’t always about how much profit you make in this game. It’s always about the bigger picture”

John O’Connor

John attributes the success of Oxton Park to its’ people both past and present. A team environment where everyone feels included and valued, is what he believes builds a strong business, along with constantly surrounding yourself with good like-minded people that help you build the culture.