A proud Redbridge local since 1973 and second-generation farmer, Greg has been working at Oxton Park for over 35 years since his first casual employment in the 1986 harvest. A brief stint as an Agronomist along with a handful of contracted harvest seasons has also contributed to Greg’s deep passion for agriculture from an early age. Overall, Greg loves operating machinery, growing produce and fabricating new things from scratch.

Greg’s leadership and influence among the team is greatly valued. This is reflected given one of his favourite things about working at Oxton Park is exchanging stories with like-minded colleagues around an esky at smoko from his favourite view at the top of a hill.

In agriculture, Greg sees advances in technology along with the size and productivity of farming machinery as some of the most exciting aspects the future will bring. As a business, Greg believes Oxton Park is unique, not only due to its size and location, but the fact it is still family owned and not corporatised.

Efficiency gains in labor and production methods may allow us to do more work with less. It will be interesting to see if growth continues in larger equipment or if smaller automated equipment is the way forward.

Greg Brown

Outside of work Greg is a valuable member of the Harden community with most of his time spent at his sons sporting commitments. He is also passionate about progressing and growing his farming business that he owns and operates with his brother Nigel.