Born in Young in 1973, Andrew is another valued member of the Cropping Operations team. Before joining Oxton Park in 2009, Andrew gained experience in Carpentry, followed by a number of years in his family owned Orchard. Andrew continued working in export for the fruit industry in his early years which allowed him to travel all over the world building strong business relationships and promoting quality Australian grown product.

Andrew keenly feels his responsibilities in the Agricultural industry. He is always open to trying new methods of farming that are ‘clean and green’, and believes the uniqueness of Oxton Park remaining a family run business places it in a fantastic position to continue to adopt these methods going forward.

I feel a great sense of pride being a part of the community production sector for our country.

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Working at Oxton Park, Andrew enjoys the challenges during peak times such as Harvest, along with the camaraderie that comes with working in a strong team. Some of the best pieces of advice Andrew has received to date is to “always back yourself” which is certainly evident in his everyday demeanour. In his spare time, Andrew is a big supporter of local sport in the area and also enjoys working on his house renovations when time permits.